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  • GL-TRG2-BK-A300

TRG2 – Racing Gloves – Full Gauntlet


Between your Palm and the Throttle and Palm and the Tarmac; TRG2 has always offered reliable Grip and Protection for a long time. Normally a racer’s favourite is also preferred by hardcore highwaymen who look for maximum protection.

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Product Description

TRG-2 -> Professional Racing Gloves - Full Gauntlet
Carbon Kevlar® Reinforced Knuckle (by Shoeller/Keprotec)
- Knuckle Under Pad for Extra Comfort+Protection
-Carbon Dotted Pinkie Finger Protection
-Carbon Dotted in Thumb Finger
-Triple Strap Wrist Closure
-All round wrist Protection
-3 Carbon Protective Air Vents Knuckles
-Wipe Strip
-Stretching Leather Panels @ Wrist | Finger

Sizing Guide

Nobody can or should assure you a perfect fit while buying online, however if you have no clue about gloves’ sizing then the below steps should give you a fair idea.

Step 1:
Measure from Tip of Middle Finger to Edge of Palm.
[ Size=Cms ]  [ S=17 | M=18 | L=19 | XL=20 | XXL=21 ]

Step 2:
Measure circumference around the widest part of your palm over Knuckle, exclude the thumb and keep it stretched away.
[ Size=Cms ] [ S=20 | M=23 | L=25 | XL=28 | XXL=30 ]

Step 3:
if measurements are showing about the same size, then that could be your size.

If the readings are pointing to upto 2 sizes apart then it is advisable not to purchase it online. 

Also please note that fit will vary depending on the model of gloves.

The prices shown here are subject to change without notice and hence customers are advised to verify these from our showrooms, before making a final decision.